plaso.single_process package


plaso.single_process.extraction_engine module

The single process processing engine.

class plaso.single_process.extraction_engine.SingleProcessEngine[source]

Bases: plaso.engine.engine.BaseEngine

Class that defines the single process engine.

ProcessSources(session, source_path_specs, storage_writer, resolver_context, processing_configuration, force_parser=False, status_update_callback=None)[source]

Processes the sources.

  • session (Session) – session in which the sources are processed.

  • source_path_specs (list[dfvfs.PathSpec]) – path specifications of the sources to process.

  • storage_writer (StorageWriter) – storage writer for a session storage.

  • resolver_context (dfvfs.Context) – resolver context.

  • processing_configuration (ProcessingConfiguration) – processing configuration.

  • force_parser (Optional[bool]) – True if a specified parser should be forced to be used to extract events.

  • status_update_callback (Optional[function]) – callback function for status updates.


processing status.

Return type


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