Source code for plaso.parsers.sqlite_plugins.mackeeper_cache

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""SQLite parser plugin for MacOS MacKeeper cache database files."""

import codecs
import json

from dfdatetime import java_time as dfdatetime_java_time
from dfdatetime import time_elements as dfdatetime_time_elements

from plaso.containers import events
from plaso.parsers import sqlite
from plaso.parsers.sqlite_plugins import interface

[docs] class MacKeeperCacheEventData(events.EventData): """MacKeeper Cache event data. Attributes: added_time (dfdatetime.DateTimeValues): date and time the cache entry was added. description (str): description. event_type (str): event type. offset (str): identifier of the row, from which the event data was extracted. query (str): SQL query that was used to obtain the event data. record_id (int): record identifier. room (str): room. text (str): text. url (str): URL. user_name (str): user name. user_sid (str): user security identifier (SID). """ DATA_TYPE = 'mackeeper:cache'
[docs] def __init__(self): """Initializes event data.""" super(MacKeeperCacheEventData, self).__init__(data_type=self.DATA_TYPE) self.added_time = None self.description = None self.event_type = None self.offset = None self.query = None self.record_id = None = None self.text = None self.url = None self.user_name = None self.user_sid = None
[docs] class MacKeeperCachePlugin(interface.SQLitePlugin): """SQLite parser plugin for MacOS MacKeeper cache database files.""" NAME = 'mackeeper_cache' DATA_FORMAT = 'MacOS MacKeeper cache SQLite database file' REQUIRED_STRUCTURE = { 'cfurl_cache_blob_data': frozenset([]), 'cfurl_cache_receiver_data': frozenset([ 'entry_ID', 'receiver_data', 'entry_ID']), 'cfurl_cache_response': frozenset([ 'request_key', 'time_stamp', 'entry_ID'])} QUERIES = [(( 'SELECT d.entry_ID AS id, d.receiver_data AS data, r.request_key, ' 'r.time_stamp AS time_string FROM cfurl_cache_receiver_data d, ' 'cfurl_cache_response r WHERE r.entry_ID = ' 'd.entry_ID'), 'ParseReceiverData')] SCHEMAS = [{ 'cfurl_cache_blob_data': ( 'CREATE TABLE cfurl_cache_blob_data(entry_ID INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, ' 'response_object BLOB, request_object BLOB, proto_props BLOB, ' 'user_info BLOB)'), 'cfurl_cache_receiver_data': ( 'CREATE TABLE cfurl_cache_receiver_data(entry_ID INTEGER PRIMARY ' 'KEY, receiver_data BLOB)'), 'cfurl_cache_response': ( 'CREATE TABLE cfurl_cache_response(entry_ID INTEGER PRIMARY KEY ' 'AUTOINCREMENT UNIQUE, version INTEGER, hash_value INTEGER, ' 'storage_policy INTEGER, request_key TEXT UNIQUE, time_stamp NOT ' 'NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, partition TEXT)'), 'cfurl_cache_schema_version': ( 'CREATE TABLE cfurl_cache_schema_version(schema_version INTEGER)')}] def _DictToListOfStrings(self, data_dict): """Converts a dictionary into a list of strings. Args: data_dict (dict[str, object]): dictionary to convert. Returns: list[str]: list of strings. """ ret_list = [] for key, value in data_dict.items(): if key in ('body', 'datetime', 'type', 'room', 'rooms', 'id'): continue ret_list.append('{0:s} = {1!s}'.format(key, value)) return ret_list def _ExtractJQuery(self, jquery_raw): """Extracts values from a JQuery string. Args: jquery_raw (str): JQuery string. Returns: dict[str, str]: extracted values. """ data_part = '' if not jquery_raw: return {} if '[' in jquery_raw: _, _, first_part = jquery_raw.partition('[') data_part, _, _ = first_part.partition(']') elif jquery_raw.startswith('//'): _, _, first_part = jquery_raw.partition('{') data_part = '{{{0:s}'.format(first_part) elif '({' in jquery_raw: _, _, first_part = jquery_raw.partition('(') data_part, _, _ = first_part.rpartition(')') if not data_part: return {} try: data_dict = json.loads(data_part) except ValueError: return {} return data_dict def _GetDateTimeRowValue(self, parser_mediator, query_hash, row, value_name): """Retrieves a date and time value from the row. Args: parser_mediator (ParserMediator): mediates interactions between parsers and other components, such as storage and dfVFS. query_hash (int): hash of the query, that uniquely identifies the query that produced the row. row (sqlite3.Row): row. value_name (str): name of the value. Returns: dfdatetime.JavaTime: date and time value or None if not available. """ time_value = self._GetRowValue(query_hash, row, value_name) if time_value is None: return None if isinstance(time_value, int): return dfdatetime_java_time.JavaTime(timestamp=time_value) try: date_time = dfdatetime_time_elements.TimeElements() date_time.CopyFromDateTimeString(time_value) except ValueError as exception: parser_mediator.ProduceExtractionWarning( 'Unable to parse time string: {0:s} with error: {1!s}'.format( time_value, exception)) return None return date_time def _ParseChatData(self, data): """Parses chat comment data. Args: data (dict[str, object]): chat comment data as returned by SQLite. Returns: dict[str, object]: parsed chat comment data. """ data_store = {} if 'body' in data: body = data.get('body', '').replace('\n', ' ') if body.startswith('//') and '{' in body: body_dict = self._ExtractJQuery(body) title, _, _ = body.partition('{') body = '{0:s} <{1!s}>'.format( title[2:], self._DictToListOfStrings(body_dict)) else: body = 'No text.' data_store['text'] = body room = data.get('rooms', None) if not room: room = data.get('room', None) if room: data_store['room'] = room data_store['id'] = data.get('id', None) user = data.get('user', None) if user: try: user_sid = int(user) data_store['sid'] = user_sid except (ValueError, TypeError): data_store['user'] = user return data_store
[docs] def ParseReceiverData( self, parser_mediator, query, row, **unused_kwargs): """Parses a single row from the receiver and cache response table. Args: parser_mediator (ParserMediator): mediates interactions between parsers and other components, such as storage and dfVFS. query (str): query that created the row. row (sqlite3.Row): row. """ query_hash = hash(query) data = {} key_url = self._GetRowValue(query_hash, row, 'request_key') data_dict = {} description = 'MacKeeper Entry' # Check the URL, since that contains vital information about the type of # event we are dealing with. if key_url.endswith('plist'): description = 'Configuration Definition' data['text'] = 'Plist content added to cache.' elif key_url.startswith(''): description = 'MacKeeper Event' try: _, _, part = key_url.partition('?') data['text'] = part.replace('&', ' ') except UnicodeDecodeError: data['text'] = 'N/A' elif key_url.startswith(''): description = 'Account Activity' _, _, activity = key_url.partition('#') if activity: data['text'] = 'Action started: {0:s}'.format(activity) else: data['text'] = 'Unknown activity.' elif key_url.startswith('http://support.') and 'chat' in key_url: description = 'Chat ' try: jquery = self._GetRowValue(query_hash, row, 'data') jquery = codecs.decode(jquery, 'utf-8') except UnicodeDecodeError: jquery = '' data_dict = self._ExtractJQuery(jquery) data = self._ParseChatData(data_dict) data['entry_type'] = data_dict.get('type', '') if data['entry_type'] == 'comment': description += 'Comment' elif data['entry_type'] == 'outgoing': description += 'Outgoing Message' elif data['entry_type'] == 'incoming': description += 'Incoming Message' else: # Empty or not known entry type, generic status message. description += 'Entry' data['text'] = ';'.join(self._DictToListOfStrings(data_dict)) if not data['text']: data['text'] = 'No additional data.' event_data = MacKeeperCacheEventData() event_data.added_time = self._GetDateTimeRowValue( parser_mediator, query_hash, row, 'time_string') event_data.description = description event_data.event_type = data.get('event_type', None) event_data.offset = self._GetRowValue(query_hash, row, 'id') event_data.query = query event_data.record_id = data.get('id', None) = data.get('room', None) event_data.text = data.get('text', None) event_data.url = key_url event_data.user_name = data.get('user', None) event_data.user_sid = data.get('sid', None) parser_mediator.ProduceEventData(event_data)