psteal (Plaso SýndarheimsTímalína sem Er ALgjörlega sjálfvirk) is a command line tool which uses log2timeline and psort engines to extract and process events in one go.

It is a quick shortcut to the default approach and only supports a limited subset of options the above tools provide.


To see a list of all available parameters you can pass to psort use -h or --help.

Psteal requires at least a source evidence, specified with --source and a output with -w. For example: --source ~/cases/greendale/registrar.dd -w /tmp/registrar.csv will produce a csv file containing all the events from an image, using log2timeline and psort defaults options.

The intermediary Plaso storage file will be created in the local directory. In the previous example it will be named <TIMESTAMP>-registrar.dd.plaso. This can be used for further processing with Psort or Timesketch.


Psteal purposefully supports only a limited subset of options from both log2timeline and psort tools.

Please refer to their respective documentations for more information, for example for help regarding the output formats.

If your use case requires specific options to either log2timeline or psort, please use both command line tools separately.