Name Description
android_app_usage Parser for Android usage history (usage-history.xml) files.
apache_access Parser for Apache access log (access.log) files.
apt_history Parser for Advanced Packaging Tool (APT) History log files.
asl_log Parser for Apple System Log (ASL) files.
aws_elb_access Parser for AWS ELB Access log files.
bash_history Parser for Bash history files.
bencode Parser for Bencoded files.
binary_cookies Parser for Safari Binary Cookie files.
bodyfile Parser for SleuthKit version 3 bodyfile.
bsm_log Parser for Basic Security Module (BSM) event auditing files.
chrome_cache Parser for Google Chrome or Chromium Cache files.
chrome_preferences Parser for Google Chrome Preferences files.
cups_ipp Parser for CUPS IPP files.
custom_destinations Parser for Custom destinations jump list (.customDestinations-ms) files.
czip Parser for Compound ZIP files.
dpkg Parser for Debian package manager log (dpkg.log) files.
esedb Parser for Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) Database File (EDB) format.
filestat Parser for file system stat information.
firefox_cache Parser for Mozilla Firefox Cache version 1 file (version 31 or earlier).
firefox_cache2 Parser for Mozilla Firefox Cache version 2 file (version 32 or later).
fish_history Parser for Fish history files.
fseventsd Parser for MacOS File System Events Disk Log Stream (fseventsd) files.
gdrive_synclog Parser for Google Drive Sync log files.
googlelog Parser for Google-formatted log files.
ios:lockdownd:log Parser for iOS lockdown daemon log.
ios:mobile_installation:log Parser for iOS mobile installation log.
ios_sysdiagnose_logd Parser for iOS sysdiagnose logd files.
java_idx Parser for Java WebStart Cache IDX files.
jsonl Parser for JSON-L log files.
lnk Parser for Windows Shortcut (LNK) files.
locate_database Parser for Locate database file (updatedb).
mac_appfirewall_log Parser for MacOS Application firewall log (appfirewall.log) files.
mac_keychain Parser for MacOS keychain database files.
mac_securityd Parser for MacOS security daemon (securityd) log files.
macwifi Parser for MacOS Wifi log (wifi.log) files.
mcafee_protection Parser for McAfee Anti-Virus access protection log files.
mft Parser for NTFS $MFT metadata files.
msiecf Parser for Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) 4 - 9 cache (index.dat) files.
networkminer_fileinfo Parser for NetworkMiner .fileinfos files.
opera_global Parser for Opera global history (global_history.dat) files.
opera_typed_history Parser for Opera typed history (typed_history.xml) files.
pe Parser for Portable Executable (PE) files.
plist Parser for Property list (plist) files.
popularity_contest Parser for Popularity Contest log files.
prefetch Parser for Windows Prefetch File (PF).
recycle_bin Parser for Windows $Recycle.Bin $I files.
recycle_bin_info2 Parser for Windows Recycler INFO2 files.
rplog Parser for Windows Restore Point log (rp.log) files.
santa Parser for Santa log (santa.log) files.
sccm Parser for System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) client log files.
selinux Parser for SELinux audit log (audit.log) files.
setupapi Parser for Windows SetupAPI log files.
skydrive_log Parser for OneDrive (or SkyDrive) log files.
skydrive_log_old Parser for OneDrive (or SkyDrive) old log files.
sophos_av Parser for Sophos Anti-Virus log file (SAV.txt) files.
spotlight_storedb Parser for Apple Spotlight store database (store.db) files.
sqlite Parser for SQLite database files.
symantec_scanlog Parser for AV Corporate Edition and Endpoint Protection log files.
syslog Parser for System log (syslog) files.
systemd_journal Parser for Systemd journal files.
trendmicro_url Parser for Trend Micro Office Web Reputation log files.
trendmicro_vd Parser for Trend Micro Office Scan Virus Detection log files.
usnjrnl Parser for NTFS USN change journal ($UsnJrnl:$J) file system metadata files.
utmp Parser for Linux libc6 utmp files.
utmpx Parser for Mac OS X 10.5 utmpx files.
vsftpd Parser for vsftpd log files.
winevt Parser for Windows EventLog (EVT) files.
winevtx Parser for Windows XML EventLog (EVTX) files.
winfirewall Parser for Windows Firewall log files.
winiis Parser for Microsoft IIS log files.
winjob Parser for Windows Scheduled Task job (or at-job) files.
winreg Parser for Windows NT Registry (REGF) files.
xchatlog Parser for XChat log files.
xchatscrollback Parser for XChat scrollback log files.
zsh_extended_history Parser for ZSH extended history files.

Parser plugins: bencode

Name Description
bencode_transmission Parser for Transmission BitTorrent activity files.
bencode_utorrent Parser for uTorrent active torrent files.

Parser plugins: czip

Name Description
oxml Parser for OpenXML (OXML) files.

Parser plugins: esedb

Name Description
file_history Parser for Windows 8 File History ESE database files.
msie_webcache Parser for Internet Explorer WebCache ESE database (WebCacheV01.dat, WebCacheV24.dat) files.
srum Parser for System Resource Usage Monitor (SRUM) ESE database files.

Parser plugins: jsonl

Name Description
aws_cloudtrail_log Parser for AWS CloudTrail Log.
azure_activity_log Parser for Azure Activity Log.
azure_application_gateway_access_log Parser for Azure Application Gateway access log.
docker_container_config Parser for Docker container configuration files.
docker_container_log Parser for Docker container log files.
docker_layer_config Parser for Docker layer configuration files.
gcp_log Parser for Google Cloud (GCP) log.

Parser plugins: olecf

Name Description
olecf_automatic_destinations Parser for Automatic destinations jump list OLE compound file (.automaticDestinations-ms).
olecf_default Parser for Generic OLE compound item.
olecf_document_summary Parser for Document summary information (\0x05DocumentSummaryInformation).
olecf_summary Parser for Summary information (\0x05SummaryInformation) (top-level only).

Parser plugins: plist

Name Description
airport Parser for Airport plist files.
apple_id Parser for Apple account information plist files.
ipod_device Parser for iPod, iPad and iPhone plist files.
launchd_plist Parser for Launchd plist files.
macos_software_update Parser for MacOS software update plist files.
macosx_bluetooth Parser for Bluetooth plist files.
macosx_install_history Parser for MacOS installation history plist files.
macuser Parser for MacOS user plist files.
plist_default Parser for plist files.
safari_history Parser for Safari history plist files.
spotlight Parser for Spotlight plist files.
spotlight_volume Parser for Spotlight volume configuration plist files.
time_machine Parser for TimeMachine plist files.

Parser plugins: sqlite

Name Description
android_calls Parser for Android call history SQLite database (contacts2.db) files.
android_sms Parser for Android text messages (SMS) SQLite database (mmssms.dbs) files.
android_webview Parser for Android WebView SQLite database files.
android_webviewcache Parser for Android WebViewCache SQLite database files.
appusage Parser for MacOS application usage SQLite database (application_usage.sqlite) files.
chrome_17_cookies Parser for Google Chrome 17 - 65 cookies SQLite database files.
chrome_27_history Parser for Google Chrome 27 and later history SQLite database files.
chrome_66_cookies Parser for Google Chrome 66 and later cookies SQLite database files.
chrome_8_history Parser for Google Chrome 8 - 25 history SQLite database files.
chrome_autofill Parser for Google Chrome autofill SQLite database (Web Data) files.
chrome_extension_activity Parser for Google Chrome extension activity SQLite database files.
dropbox Parser for Dropbox sync history database (sync_history.db) files.
firefox_cookies Parser for Mozilla Firefox cookies SQLite database files.
firefox_downloads Parser for Mozilla Firefox downloads SQLite database (downloads.sqlite) files.
firefox_history Parser for Mozilla Firefox history SQLite database (places.sqlite) files.
google_drive Parser for Google Drive snapshot SQLite database (snapshot.db) files.
hangouts_messages Parser for Google Hangouts conversations SQLite database (babel.db) files.
imessage Parser for MacOS and iOS iMessage database (chat.db, sms.db) files.
ios_powerlog Parser for iOS powerlog SQLite database (CurrentPowerlog.PLSQL) files.
kik_messenger Parser for iOS Kik messenger SQLite database (kik.sqlite) files.
kodi Parser for Kodi videos SQLite database (MyVideos.db) files.
ls_quarantine Parser for MacOS launch services quarantine events database SQLite database files.
mac_document_versions Parser for MacOS document revisions SQLite database files.
mac_knowledgec Parser for MacOS Duet / KnowledgeC SQLites database files.
mac_notes Parser for MacOS Notes SQLite database (NotesV7.storedata) files.
mac_notificationcenter Parser for MacOS Notification Center SQLite database files.
mackeeper_cache Parser for MacOS MacKeeper cache SQLite database files.
macostcc Parser for MacOS Transparency, Consent, Control (TCC) SQLite database (TCC.db) files.
safari_historydb Parser for Safari history SQLite database (History.db) files.
skype Parser for Skype SQLite database (main.db) files.
tango_android_profile Parser for Tango on Android profile SQLite database files.
tango_android_tc Parser for Tango on Android TC SQLite database files.
twitter_android Parser for Twitter on Android SQLite database files.
twitter_ios Parser for Twitter on iOS 8 and later SQLite database (twitter.db) files.
windows_eventtranscript Parser for Windows diagnosis EventTranscript SQLite database (EventTranscript.db) files.
windows_timeline Parser for Windows 10 Timeline SQLite database (ActivitiesCache.db) files.
zeitgeist Parser for Zeitgeist activity SQLite database files.

Parser plugins: syslog

Name Description
cron Parser for Cron syslog line.
ssh Parser for SSH syslog line.

Parser plugins: winreg

Name Description
amcache Parser for AMCache (AMCache.hve).
appcompatcache Parser for Application Compatibility Cache Registry data.
bagmru Parser for BagMRU (or ShellBags) Registry data.
bam Parser for Background Activity Moderator (BAM) Registry data.
ccleaner Parser for CCleaner Registry data.
explorer_mountpoints2 Parser for Windows Explorer mount points Registry data.
explorer_programscache Parser for Windows Explorer Programs Cache Registry data.
microsoft_office_mru Parser for Microsoft Office MRU Registry data.
microsoft_outlook_mru Parser for Microsoft Outlook search MRU Registry data.
mrulist_shell_item_list Parser for Most Recently Used (MRU) Registry data.
mrulist_string Parser for Most Recently Used (MRU) Registry data.
mrulistex_shell_item_list Parser for Most Recently Used (MRU) Registry data.
mrulistex_string Parser for Most Recently Used (MRU) Registry data.
mrulistex_string_and_shell_item Parser for Most Recently Used (MRU) Registry data.
mrulistex_string_and_shell_item_list Parser for Most Recently Used (MRU) Registry data.
msie_zone Parser for Microsoft Internet Explorer zone settings Registry data.
mstsc_rdp Parser for Terminal Server Client Connection Registry data.
mstsc_rdp_mru Parser for Terminal Server Client Most Recently Used (MRU) Registry data.
network_drives Parser for Windows network drives Registry data.
networks Parser for Windows networks (NetworkList) Registry data.
userassist Parser for User Assist Registry data.
windows_boot_execute Parser for Boot Execution Registry data.
windows_boot_verify Parser for Windows boot verification Registry data.
windows_run Parser for Run and run once Registry data.
windows_sam_users Parser for Security Accounts Manager (SAM) users Registry data.
windows_services Parser for Windows drivers and services Registry data.
windows_shutdown Parser for Windows last shutdown Registry data.
windows_task_cache Parser for Windows Task Scheduler cache Registry data.
windows_timezone Parser for Windows time zone Registry data.
windows_typed_urls Parser for Windows Explorer typed URLs Registry data.
windows_usb_devices Parser for Windows USB device Registry data.
windows_usbstor_devices Parser for Windows USB Plug And Play Manager USBStor Registry data.
windows_version Parser for Windows version (product) Registry data.
winlogon Parser for Windows log-on Registry data.
winrar_mru Parser for WinRAR History Registry data.
winreg_default Parser for Windows Registry data.

Parser presets (data/presets.yaml)

Name Parsers and plugins
android android_app_usage, chrome_cache, filestat, sqlite/android_calls, sqlite/android_sms, sqlite/android_webview, sqlite/android_webviewcache, sqlite/chrome_8_history, sqlite/chrome_17_cookies, sqlite/chrome_27_history, sqlite/chrome_66_cookies, sqlite/skype
dockerjson jsonl/docker_container_config, jsonl/docker_container_log, jsonl/docker_layer_config
linux apt_history, bash_history, bencode, czip/oxml, jsonl/docker_container_config, jsonl/docker_container_log, jsonl/docker_layer_config, dpkg, filestat, gdrive_synclog, googlelog, olecf, pls_recall, popularity_contest, selinux, sqlite/google_drive, sqlite/skype, sqlite/zeitgeist, syslog, systemd_journal, utmp, vsftpd, webhist, xchatlog, xchatscrollback, zsh_extended_history
macos asl_log, bash_history, bencode, bsm_log, cups_ipp, czip/oxml, filestat, fseventsd, gdrive_synclog, mac_appfirewall_log, mac_keychain, mac_securityd, macwifi, olecf, plist, spotlight_storedb, sqlite/appusage, sqlite/google_drive, sqlite/imessage, sqlite/ls_quarantine, sqlite/mac_document_versions, sqlite/mac_notes, sqlite/mackeeper_cache, sqlite/mac_knowledgec, sqlite/skype, syslog, utmpx, webhist, zsh_extended_history
webhist binary_cookies, chrome_cache, chrome_preferences, esedb/msie_webcache, firefox_cache, java_idx, msiecf, opera_global, opera_typed_history, plist/safari_history, sqlite/chrome_8_history, sqlite/chrome_17_cookies, sqlite/chrome_27_history, sqlite/chrome_66_cookies, sqlite/chrome_autofill, sqlite/chrome_extension_activity, sqlite/firefox_cookies, sqlite/firefox_downloads, sqlite/firefox_history, sqlite/safari_historydb
win7 custom_destinations, esedb/file_history, olecf/olecf_automatic_destinations, recycle_bin, winevtx, win_gen
win7_slow esedb, mft, win7
win_gen bencode, czip/oxml, filestat, gdrive_synclog, lnk, mcafee_protection, olecf, pe, prefetch, setupapi, sccm, skydrive_log, skydrive_log_old, sqlite/google_drive, sqlite/skype, symantec_scanlog, usnjrnl, webhist, winfirewall, winjob, winreg
winxp recycle_bin_info2, rplog, win_gen, winevt
winxp_slow esedb, mft, winxp