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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Redis reader."""
from plaso.lib import definitions
from import redis_store
from import interface

[docs]class RedisStorageReader(interface.StorageReader): """Redis storage file reader.""" def __init__(self, task): """Initializes a Redis Storage Reader. Args: task (Task): the task whose results the store contains. """ super(RedisStorageReader, self).__init__() self._store = redis_store.RedisStore( storage_type=definitions.STORAGE_TYPE_TASK, session_identifier=task.session_identifier, task_identifier=task.identifier)
[docs] def IsFinalized(self): """Checks if the store has been finalized. Returns: bool: True if the store has been finalized. """ return self._store.IsFinalized()
[docs] def Open(self): """Opens the storage reader.""" self._store.Open()
[docs] def Close(self): """Closes the storage reader.""" self._store.Close()
[docs] def GetAnalysisReports(self): """Retrieves the analysis reports. Returns: generator(AnalysisReport): analysis report generator. """ return self._store.GetAnalysisReports()
[docs] def GetEventData(self): """Retrieves the event data. Returns: generator(EventData): event data generator. """ return self._store.GetEventData()
[docs] def GetEventDataByIdentifier(self, identifier): """Retrieves specific event data. Args: identifier (AttributeContainerIdentifier): event data identifier. Returns: EventData: event data or None if not available. """ return self._store.GetEventDataByIdentifier(identifier)
[docs] def GetEventDataStreams(self): """Retrieves the event data streams. Returns: generator(EventDataStream): event data stream generator. """ return self._store.GetEventDataStreams()
[docs] def GetEventDataStreamByIdentifier(self, identifier): """Retrieves a specific event data stream. Args: identifier (AttributeContainerIdentifier): event data stream identifier. Returns: EventDataStream: event data stream or None if not available. """ return self._store.GetEventDataStreamByIdentifier(identifier)
[docs] def GetEvents(self): """Retrieves the events. Returns: generator(EventObject): event generator. """ return self._store.GetEvents()
[docs] def GetEventSources(self): """Retrieves event sources. Returns: generator(EventSource): event source generator. """ return self._store.GetEventSources()
[docs] def GetEventTagByIdentifier(self, identifier): """Retrieves a specific event tag. Args: identifier (AttributeContainerIdentifier): event tag identifier. Returns: EventTag: event tag or None if not available. """ return self._store.GetEventTagByIdentifier(identifier)
[docs] def GetEventTags(self): """Retrieves the event tags. Returns: generator(EventSource): event tag generator. """ return self._store.GetEventTags()
[docs] def GetExtractionWarnings(self): """Retrieves the extraction warnings. Returns: generator(ExtractionWarning): extraction warning generator. """ return self._store.GetExtractionWarnings()
[docs] def GetNumberOfAnalysisReports(self): """Retrieves the number analysis reports. Returns: int: number of analysis reports. """ return self._store.GetNumberOfAnalysisReports()
[docs] def GetNumberOfEventSources(self): """Retrieves the number of event sources. Returns: int: number of event sources. """ return self._store.GetNumberOfEventSources()
[docs] def GetSortedEvents(self, time_range=None): """Retrieves the events in increasing chronological order. This includes all events written to the storage including those pending being flushed (written) to the storage. Args: time_range (Optional[TimeRange]): time range used to filter events that fall in a specific period. Returns: generator(EventObject): event generator. """ return self._store.GetSortedEvents(time_range)
[docs] def GetSessions(self): """Retrieves the sessions. Returns: generator(Session): session generator. """ return self._store.GetSessions()
[docs] def HasAnalysisReports(self): """Determines if a store contains analysis reports. Returns: bool: True if the store contains analysis reports. """ return self._store.HasAnalysisReports()
[docs] def HasEventTags(self): """Determines if a store contains event tags. Returns: bool: True if the store contains event tags. """ return self._store.HasEventTags()
[docs] def HasExtractionWarnings(self): """Determines if a store contains extraction warnings. Returns: bool: True if the store contains extraction warnings. """ return self._store.HasExtractionWarnings()
# pylint: disable=unused-argument
[docs] def ReadSystemConfiguration(self, knowledge_base): """Reads system configuration information. The system configuration contains information about various system specific configuration data, for example the user accounts. Args: knowledge_base (KnowledgeBase): is used to store the preprocessing information. """ # Not implemented by the Redis store, as it is a task store only. return
[docs] def SetSerializersProfiler(self, serializers_profiler): """Sets the serializers profiler. Args: serializers_profiler (SerializersProfiler): serializers profiler. """ self._store.SetSerializersProfiler(serializers_profiler)
[docs] def SetStorageProfiler(self, storage_profiler): """Sets the storage profiler. Args: storage_profiler (StorageProfiler): storage profile. """ self._store.SetStorageProfiler(storage_profiler)