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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""The event tag index."""

from __future__ import unicode_literals

[docs]class EventTagIndex(object): """Event tag index. The event tag index is used to map event tags to events. It is necessary for the ZIP storage files since previously stored event tags cannot be altered. """ def __init__(self): """Initializes an event tag index.""" super(EventTagIndex, self).__init__() self._index = None def _Build(self, storage_file): """Builds the event tag index. Args: storage_file (BaseStorageFile): storage file. """ self._index = {} for event_tag in storage_file.GetEventTags(): self.SetEventTag(event_tag)
[docs] def GetEventTagByIdentifier(self, storage_file, event_identifier): """Retrieves the most recently updated event tag for an event. Args: storage_file (BaseStorageFile): storage file. event_identifier (AttributeContainerIdentifier): event attribute container identifier. Returns: EventTag: event tag or None if the event has no event tag. """ if not self._index: self._Build(storage_file) lookup_key = event_identifier.CopyToString() event_tag_identifier = self._index.get(lookup_key, None) if not event_tag_identifier: return None return storage_file.GetEventTagByIdentifier(event_tag_identifier)
[docs] def SetEventTag(self, event_tag): """Sets an event tag in the index. Args: event_tag (EventTag): event tag. """ event_identifier = event_tag.GetEventIdentifier() lookup_key = event_identifier.CopyToString() self._index[lookup_key] = event_tag.GetIdentifier()