Source code for plaso.scripts.log2timeline

#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""The log2timeline command line tool."""

import logging
import multiprocessing
import os
import sys

from plaso import dependencies
from plaso.cli import log2timeline_tool
from plaso.lib import errors

[docs] def Main(): """Entry point of console script to extract events. Returns: int: exit code that is provided to sys.exit(). """ tool = log2timeline_tool.Log2TimelineTool() if not tool.ParseArguments(sys.argv[1:]): return 1 if tool.show_troubleshooting: print('Using Python version {0!s}'.format(sys.version)) print() print('Path: {0:s}'.format(os.path.abspath(__file__))) print() print(tool.GetVersionInformation()) print() dependencies.CheckDependencies(verbose_output=True) print('Also see:' 'Troubleshooting.html') return 0 try: tool.CheckOutDated() except KeyboardInterrupt: return 1 if tool.show_info: tool.ShowInfo() return 0 have_list_option = False if tool.list_archive_types: tool.ListArchiveTypes() have_list_option = True if tool.list_hashers: tool.ListHashers() have_list_option = True if tool.list_language_tags: tool.ListLanguageTags() have_list_option = True if tool.list_parsers_and_plugins: tool.ListParsersAndPlugins() have_list_option = True if tool.list_profilers: tool.ListProfilers() have_list_option = True if tool.list_time_zones: tool.ListTimeZones() have_list_option = True if have_list_option: return 0 if tool.dependencies_check and not dependencies.CheckDependencies( verbose_output=False): return 1 try: tool.ExtractEventsFromSources() # Writing to stdout and stderr will raise BrokenPipeError if it # receives a SIGPIPE. except BrokenPipeError: pass except (KeyboardInterrupt, errors.UserAbort): logging.warning('Aborted by user.') return 1 except (IOError, errors.BadConfigOption, errors.SourceScannerError) as exception: # Display message on stdout as well as the log file. print(exception) logging.error(exception) return 1 return 0
if __name__ == '__main__': # For PyInstaller sake we need to define this directly after "__main__". # multiprocessing.freeze_support() sys.exit(Main())