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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Windows drivers and services Registry key parser plugin."""

from plaso.containers import events
from plaso.containers import time_events
from plaso.lib import definitions
from plaso.parsers import winreg_parser
from plaso.parsers.winreg_plugins import interface

[docs]class WindowsRegistryServiceEventData(events.EventData): """Windows Registry driver or service event data attribute container. Attributes: error_control (int): error control value of the Windows driver or service executable. image_path (str): path of the Windows driver or service executable. key_path (str): Windows Registry key path. name (str): name of the Windows driver or service. object_name (str): Windows service object name. service_dll (str): Windows service DLL. service_type (int): Windows driver or service type. start_type (int): Device or service start type. values (str): names and data of additional values in the key. """ DATA_TYPE = 'windows:registry:service' def __init__(self): """Initializes event data.""" super(WindowsRegistryServiceEventData, self).__init__( data_type=self.DATA_TYPE) self.error_control = None self.image_path = None self.key_path = None = None self.service_dll = None self.object_name = None self.service_type = None self.start_type = None self.values = None
[docs]class ServicesPlugin(interface.WindowsRegistryPlugin): """Plug-in to format the Services and Drivers keys having Type and Start.""" NAME = 'windows_services' DATA_FORMAT = 'Windows drivers and services Registry data' # TODO: use a key path prefix match here. Might be more efficient. # HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\System\\CurrentControlSet\\Services FILTERS = frozenset([ interface.WindowsRegistryKeyWithValuesFilter([ 'Start', 'Type'])]) def _GetServiceDll(self, key): """Retrieves the service DLL value. Obtains the service DLL for in the Parameters subkey of a Windows Registry service key. Args: key (dfwinreg.WinRegistryKey): a Windows Registry key. Returns: str: path of the service DLL or None. """ parameters_key = key.GetSubkeyByName('Parameters') if not parameters_key: return None service_dll = parameters_key.GetValueByName('ServiceDll') if not service_dll: return None return service_dll.GetDataAsObject()
[docs] def ExtractEvents(self, parser_mediator, registry_key, **kwargs): """Extracts events from a Windows Registry key. Args: parser_mediator (ParserMediator): mediates interactions between parsers and other components, such as storage and dfvfs. registry_key (dfwinreg.WinRegistryKey): Windows Registry key. """ service_type = None start_type = None registry_value = registry_key.GetValueByName('Type') if registry_value: service_type = registry_value.GetDataAsObject() registry_value = registry_key.GetValueByName('Start') if registry_value: start_type = registry_value.GetDataAsObject() if None in (service_type, start_type): # TODO: generate extraction warning. return # Create a specific service event, so that we can recognize and expand # certain values when we're outputting the event. event_data = WindowsRegistryServiceEventData() event_data.key_path = registry_key.path = event_data.service_type = service_type event_data.service_dll = self._GetServiceDll(registry_key) event_data.start_type = start_type registry_value = registry_key.GetValueByName('ErrorControl') if registry_value: event_data.error_control = registry_value.GetDataAsObject() registry_value = registry_key.GetValueByName('ImagePath') if registry_value: event_data.image_path = registry_value.GetDataAsObject() registry_value = registry_key.GetValueByName('ObjectName') if registry_value: event_data.object_name = registry_value.GetDataAsObject() values_dict = self._GetValuesFromKey( parser_mediator, registry_key, names_to_skip=[ 'ErrorControl', 'ImagePath', 'ObjectName', 'Start', 'Type']) event_data.values = ' '.join([ '{0:s}: {1!s}'.format(name, value) for name, value in sorted(values_dict.items())]) or None event = time_events.DateTimeValuesEvent( registry_key.last_written_time, definitions.TIME_DESCRIPTION_WRITTEN) parser_mediator.ProduceEventWithEventData(event, event_data)