Source code for plaso.output.l2t_csv

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Output module for the log2timeline (L2T) CSV format.

For documentation on the L2T CSV format see:

from __future__ import unicode_literals

from dfdatetime import posix_time as dfdatetime_posix_time

from plaso.lib import definitions
from plaso.lib import errors
from plaso.lib import py2to3
from plaso.output import interface
from plaso.output import logger
from plaso.output import manager

[docs]class L2TCSVOutputModule(interface.LinearOutputModule): """CSV format used by log2timeline, with 17 fixed fields.""" NAME = 'l2tcsv' DESCRIPTION = 'CSV format used by legacy log2timeline, with 17 fixed fields.' _FIELD_DELIMITER = ',' _HEADER = ( 'date,time,timezone,MACB,source,sourcetype,type,user,host,short,desc,' 'version,filename,inode,notes,format,extra\n') def _FormatField(self, field): """Formats a field. Args: field (str): field value. Returns: str: formatted field value. """ if self._FIELD_DELIMITER and isinstance(field, py2to3.STRING_TYPES): return field.replace(self._FIELD_DELIMITER, ' ') return field def _FormatHostname(self, event): """Formats the hostname. Args: event (EventObject): event. Returns: str: formatted hostname field. """ hostname = self._output_mediator.GetHostname(event) return self._FormatField(hostname) def _FormatUsername(self, event): """Formats the username. Args: event (EventObject): event. Returns: str: formatted username field. """ username = self._output_mediator.GetUsername(event) return self._FormatField(username) def _GetOutputValues(self, event): """Retrieves output values. Args: event (EventObject): event. Returns: list[str]: output values or None if no timestamp was present in the event. Raises: NoFormatterFound: If no event formatter can be found to match the data type in the event. """ if not hasattr(event, 'timestamp'): logger.error('Unable to output event without timestamp.') return None # TODO: add function to pass event_values to GetFormattedMessages. message, message_short = self._output_mediator.GetFormattedMessages(event) if message is None or message_short is None: data_type = getattr(event, 'data_type', 'UNKNOWN') raise errors.NoFormatterFound( 'Unable to find event formatter for: {0:s}.'.format(data_type)) # TODO: add function to pass event_values to GetFormattedSources. source_short, source = self._output_mediator.GetFormattedSources(event) if source is None or source_short is None: data_type = getattr(event, 'data_type', 'UNKNOWN') raise errors.NoFormatterFound( 'Unable to find event formatter for: {0:s}.'.format(data_type)) # TODO: preserve dfdatetime as an object. # TODO: add support for self._output_mediator.timezone date_time = dfdatetime_posix_time.PosixTimeInMicroseconds( timestamp=event.timestamp) format_variables = self._output_mediator.GetFormatStringAttributeNames( event) if format_variables is None: data_type = getattr(event, 'data_type', 'UNKNOWN') raise errors.NoFormatterFound( 'Unable to find event formatter for: {0:s}.'.format(data_type)) extra_attributes = [] for attribute_name, attribute_value in sorted(event.GetAttributes()): if (attribute_name in definitions.RESERVED_VARIABLE_NAMES or attribute_name in format_variables): continue # With ! in {1!s} we force a string conversion since some of # the extra attributes values can be integer, float point or # boolean values. extra_attributes.append( '{0:s}: {1!s}'.format(attribute_name, attribute_value)) extra_attributes = '; '.join(extra_attributes) extra_attributes = extra_attributes.replace('\n', '-').replace('\r', '') inode = getattr(event, 'inode', None) if inode is None: if hasattr(event, 'pathspec') and hasattr( event.pathspec, 'image_inode'): inode = event.pathspec.image_inode if inode is None: inode = '-' hostname = self._FormatHostname(event) username = self._FormatUsername(event) notes = [] note_string = getattr(event, 'notes', None) if note_string: notes.append(note_string) tag = getattr(event, 'tag', None) if tag: notes.extend(tag.labels) if not notes: notes.append('-') year, month, day_of_month = date_time.GetDate() hours, minutes, seconds = date_time.GetTimeOfDay() try: date_string = '{0:02d}/{1:02d}/{2:04d}'.format(month, day_of_month, year) time_string = '{0:02d}:{1:02d}:{2:02d}'.format(hours, minutes, seconds) except (TypeError, ValueError): self._ReportEventError(event, ( 'unable to copy timestamp: {0!s} to a human readable date and time. ' 'Defaulting to: "00/00/0000" "--:--:--"').format(event.timestamp)) date_string = '00/00/0000' time_string = '--:--:--' output_values = [ date_string, time_string, '{0!s}'.format(self._output_mediator.timezone), '....', source_short, source, '-', username, hostname, message_short, message, '2', getattr(event, 'display_name', '-'), '{0!s}'.format(inode), ' '.join(notes), getattr(event, 'parser', '-'), extra_attributes] return output_values def _WriteOutputValues(self, output_values): """Writes values to the output. Args: output_values (list[str]): output values. """ for index, value in enumerate(output_values): if not isinstance(value, py2to3.STRING_TYPES): value = '' output_values[index] = value.replace(',', ' ') output_line = ','.join(output_values) output_line = '{0:s}\n'.format(output_line) self._output_writer.Write(output_line)
[docs] def WriteEventBody(self, event): """Writes the body of an event object to the output. Args: event (EventObject): event. Raises: NoFormatterFound: If no event formatter can be found to match the data type in the event object. """ output_values = self._GetOutputValues(event) output_values[3] = self._output_mediator.GetMACBRepresentation(event) output_values[6] = event.timestamp_desc or '-'
[docs] def WriteEventMACBGroup(self, event_macb_group): """Writes an event MACB group to the output. Args: event_macb_group (list[EventObject]): event MACB group. """ output_values = self._GetOutputValues(event_macb_group[0]) timestamp_descriptions = [ event.timestamp_desc for event in event_macb_group] output_values[3] = ( self._output_mediator.GetMACBRepresentationFromDescriptions( timestamp_descriptions)) # TODO: fix timestamp description in source. output_values[6] = '; '.join(timestamp_descriptions)
[docs] def WriteHeader(self): """Writes the header to the output."""
self._output_writer.Write(self._HEADER) manager.OutputManager.RegisterOutput(L2TCSVOutputModule)