Source code for plaso.output.json_line

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Output module that saves data into a JSON line format.

JSON line format is a single JSON entry or event per line instead
of grouping all the output into a single JSON entity.

from __future__ import unicode_literals

from plaso.output import manager
from plaso.output import shared_json

[docs]class JSONLineOutputModule(shared_json.SharedJSONOutputModule): """Output module for the JSON line format.""" NAME = 'json_line' DESCRIPTION = 'Saves the events into a JSON line format.'
[docs] def WriteEventBody(self, event, event_data, event_tag): """Writes event values to the output. Args: event (EventObject): event. event_data (EventData): event data. event_tag (EventTag): event tag. """ json_string = self._WriteSerialized(event, event_data, event_tag) self._output_writer.Write(json_string) self._output_writer.Write('\n')