Source code for plaso.output.elastic

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""An output module that saves events to Elasticsearch."""

from __future__ import unicode_literals

from plaso.output import logger
from plaso.output import manager
from plaso.output import shared_elastic

[docs]class ElasticsearchOutputModule(shared_elastic.SharedElasticsearchOutputModule): """Output module for Elasticsearch.""" NAME = 'elastic' DESCRIPTION = 'Saves the events into an Elasticsearch database.' # Strings longer than this will not be analyzed by elasticsearch. _ELASTIC_ANALYZER_STRING_LIMIT = 10922 def __init__(self, output_mediator): """Initializes an Elasticsearch output module. Args: output_mediator (OutputMediator): mediates interactions between output modules and other components, such as storage and dfvfs. """ super(ElasticsearchOutputModule, self).__init__(output_mediator) self._raw_fields = False
[docs] def SetRawFields(self, raw_fields): """Set raw (non-analyzed) fields. This is used for sorting and aggregations in Elasticsearch. multi-fields.html Args: raw_fields (bool): True if raw (non-analyzed) fields should be added. """ self._raw_fields = raw_fields if raw_fields: logger.debug('Elasticsearch adding raw (non-analyzed) fields.') else: logger.debug('Elasticsearch not adding raw (non-analyzed) fields.')
[docs] def WriteHeader(self): """Connects to the Elasticsearch server and creates the index.""" mappings = {} if self._raw_fields: if self._document_type not in mappings: mappings[self._document_type] = {} mappings[self._document_type]['dynamic_templates'] = [{ 'strings': { 'match_mapping_type': 'string', 'mapping': { 'fields': { 'raw': { 'type': 'keyword', 'index': 'false', 'ignore_above': self._ELASTIC_ANALYZER_STRING_LIMIT } } } } }] self._Connect() self._CreateIndexIfNotExists(self._index_name, mappings)
manager.OutputManager.RegisterOutput( ElasticsearchOutputModule, disabled=shared_elastic.elasticsearch is None)