Source code for plaso.lib.loggers

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Logging related classes and functions."""

import gzip
import logging

[docs]class CompressedFileHandler(logging.FileHandler): """Compressed file handler for logging.""" def __init__(self, filename, mode='a', encoding='utf-8'): """Initializes a compressed file logging handler. Args: filename (str): name of the log file. mode (Optional[str]): file access mode. encoding (Optional[str]): encoding of the log lines. """ if 't' not in mode and encoding: mode = '{0:s}t'.format(mode) super(CompressedFileHandler, self).__init__( filename, mode=mode, encoding=encoding, delay=True) def _open(self): """Opens the compressed log file. Returns file: file-like object of the resulting stream. """ return, mode=self.mode, encoding=self.encoding)
[docs]def ConfigureLogging( debug_output=False, filename=None, mode='w', quiet_mode=False): """Configures the logging root logger. Args: debug_output (Optional[bool]): True if the logging should include debug output. filename (Optional[str]): log filename. mode (Optional[str]): log file access mode. quiet_mode (Optional[bool]): True if the logging should not include information output. Note that debug_output takes precedence over quiet_mode. """ # Remove all possible log handlers. The log handlers cannot be reconfigured # and therefore must be recreated. for handler in logging.root.handlers: logging.root.removeHandler(handler) logger = logging.getLogger() if filename and filename.endswith('.gz'): handler = CompressedFileHandler(filename, mode=mode) elif filename: handler = logging.FileHandler(filename, mode=mode) else: handler = logging.StreamHandler() format_string = ( '%(asctime)s [%(levelname)s] (%(processName)-10s) PID:%(process)d ' '<%(module)s> %(message)s') formatter = logging.Formatter(format_string) handler.setFormatter(formatter) if debug_output: level = logging.DEBUG elif quiet_mode: level = logging.WARNING else: level = logging.INFO logger.setLevel(level) handler.setLevel(level) logger.addHandler(handler)