Source code for plaso.formatters.twitter_ios

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Twitter on iOS 8+ database formatter."""

from __future__ import unicode_literals

from plaso.formatters import interface
from plaso.formatters import manager

[docs]class TwitterIOSContactFormatter(interface.ConditionalEventFormatter): """Twitter on iOS 8+ contact event formatter.""" DATA_TYPE = 'twitter:ios:contact' FORMAT_STRING_PIECES = [ 'Screen name: {screen_name}', 'Profile picture URL: {profile_url}', 'Name: {name}', 'Location: {location}', 'Description: {description}', 'URL: {url}', 'Following: {following}', 'Number of followers: {followers_count}', 'Number of following: {following_count}', ] FORMAT_STRING_SHORT_PIECES = [ 'Screen name: {screen_name}', 'Description: {description}', 'URL: {url}', ] SOURCE_LONG = 'Twitter iOS Contacts' SOURCE_SHORT = 'Twitter iOS' _YES_NO_VALUES = { 0: 'No', 1: 'Yes', } def __init__(self): """Initializes a Twitter on iOS 8+ contact event format helper.""" super(TwitterIOSContactFormatter, self).__init__() helper = interface.EnumerationEventFormatterHelper( default='UNKNOWN', input_attribute='following', output_attribute='following', values=self._YES_NO_VALUES) self.helpers.append(helper)
[docs]class TwitterIOSStatusFormatter(interface.ConditionalEventFormatter): """Twitter on iOS 8+ status event formatter.""" DATA_TYPE = 'twitter:ios:status' FORMAT_STRING_PIECES = [ 'Name: {name}', 'User Id: {user_id}', 'Message: {text}', 'Favorite: {favorited}', 'Retweet Count: {retweet_count}', 'Favorite Count: {favorite_count}', ] FORMAT_STRING_SHORT_PIECES = [ 'Name: {name}', 'Message: {text}', ] SOURCE_LONG = 'Twitter iOS Status' SOURCE_SHORT = 'Twitter iOS' _YES_NO_VALUES = { 0: 'No', 1: 'Yes', } def __init__(self): """Initializes a Twitter on iOS 8+ status event format helper.""" super(TwitterIOSStatusFormatter, self).__init__() helper = interface.EnumerationEventFormatterHelper( default='UNKNOWN', input_attribute='favorited', output_attribute='favorited', values=self._YES_NO_VALUES) self.helpers.append(helper)
manager.FormattersManager.RegisterFormatters([ TwitterIOSContactFormatter, TwitterIOSStatusFormatter])