Source code for plaso.formatters.oxml

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""The OpenXML event formatter."""

from __future__ import unicode_literals

from plaso.formatters import interface
from plaso.formatters import manager

[docs]class OpenXMLParserFormatter(interface.ConditionalEventFormatter): """Formatter for an OXML event.""" DATA_TYPE = 'metadata:openxml' FORMAT_STRING_PIECES = [ 'Creating App: {creating_app}', 'App version: {app_version}', 'Title: {title}', 'Subject: {subject}', 'Last saved by: {last_saved_by}', 'Author: {author}', 'Total edit time (secs): {total_edit_time}', 'Keywords: {keywords}', 'Comments: {comments}', 'Revision number: {revision_number}', 'Template: {template}', 'Number of pages: {number_of_pages}', 'Number of words: {number_of_words}', 'Number of characters: {number_of_characters}', 'Number of characters with spaces: {number_of_characters_with_spaces}', 'Number of lines: {number_of_lines}', 'Company: {company}', 'Manager: {manager}', 'Shared: {shared}', 'Security: {security}', 'Hyperlinks changed: {hyperlinks_changed}', 'Links up to date: {links_up_to_date}', 'Scale crop: {scale_crop}', 'Digital signature: {dig_sig}', 'Slides: {slides}', 'Hidden slides: {hidden_slides}', 'Presentation format: {presentation_format}', 'MM clips: {mm_clips}', 'Notes: {notes}'] FORMAT_STRING_SHORT_PIECES = [ 'Title: {title}', 'Subject: {subject}', 'Author: {author}'] SOURCE_LONG = 'Open XML Metadata' SOURCE_SHORT = 'META'