Source code for plaso.filters.value_types

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Value types that can be used in an event filter."""

from dfdatetime import posix_time as dfdatetime_posix_time

[docs] class DateTimeValueType(dfdatetime_posix_time.PosixTimeInMicroseconds): """Value type to represent a date and time value."""
[docs] def __init__(self, value): """Initializes a date and time value type. Args: value (int:str): a POSIX timestamp in microseconds or an ISO 8601 date and time string. Raises: ValueError: if the value cannot be copied to a date and time object. """ if isinstance(value, int): timestamp = value else: try: timestamp = int(value, 10) except (TypeError, ValueError): timestamp = None super(DateTimeValueType, self).__init__(timestamp=timestamp) if timestamp is None: try: # Adjust the ISO 8601 date and time string so is resembles a Python # date and time string. if value and len(value) > 10 and value[10] == 'T': value = ' '.join(value.split('T')) self.CopyFromDateTimeString(value) except (TypeError, ValueError): raise ValueError('Unsupported date time string value: {0!s}'.format( value))