Source code for plaso.analyzers.hashers.sha256

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""The SHA-256 Hasher implementation."""

import hashlib

from plaso.analyzers.hashers import interface
from plaso.analyzers.hashers import manager

[docs] class SHA256Hasher(interface.BaseHasher): """This class provides SHA-256 hashing functionality.""" NAME = 'sha256' ATTRIBUTE_NAME = 'sha256_hash' DESCRIPTION = 'Calculates a SHA-256 digest hash over input data.'
[docs] def __init__(self): """Initializes the SHA-256 hasher.""" super(SHA256Hasher, self).__init__() self._sha256_context = hashlib.sha256()
[docs] def GetStringDigest(self): """Returns the digest of the hash function expressed as a Unicode string. Returns: str: string hash digest calculated over the data blocks passed to Update(). The string consists of printable Unicode characters. """ return self._sha256_context.hexdigest()
[docs] def Update(self, data): """Updates the current state of the hasher with a new block of data. Repeated calls to update are equivalent to one single call with the concatenation of the arguments. Args: data(bytes): block of data with which to update the context of the hasher. """ self._sha256_context.update(data)