Source code for plaso.analysis.virustotal

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Analysis plugin to look up files in VirusTotal and tag events.

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from plaso.analysis import hash_tagging
from plaso.analysis import logger
from plaso.analysis import manager
from plaso.lib import errors

[docs] class VirusTotalAnalysisPlugin(hash_tagging.HashTaggingAnalysisPlugin): """An analysis plugin for looking up hashes in VirusTotal.""" # TODO: Check if there are other file types worth checking VirusTotal for. DATA_TYPES = frozenset(['pe', 'pe:compilation:compilation_time']) NAME = 'virustotal' SUPPORTED_HASHES = frozenset(['md5', 'sha1', 'sha256']) _EICAR_SHA256 = ( '275a021bbfb6489e54d471899f7db9d1663fc695ec2fe2a2c4538aabf651fd0f') _VIRUSTOTAL_API_REPORT_URL = ( '') _VIRUSTOTAL_RESPONSE_CODE_NOT_PRESENT = 0 _VIRUSTOTAL_RESPONSE_CODE_PRESENT = 1 _VIRUSTOTAL_RESPONSE_CODE_ANALYSIS_PENDING = -2
[docs] def __init__(self): """Initializes a VirusTotal analysis plugin.""" super(VirusTotalAnalysisPlugin, self).__init__() self._api_key = None
def _Analyze(self, hashes): """Looks up hashes in VirusTotal using the VirusTotal HTTP API. Args: hashes (list[str]): hashes to look up. Returns: list[HashAnalysis]: analysis results. Raises: RuntimeError: If the VirusTotal API key has not been set. """ if not self._api_key: raise RuntimeError('No API key specified for VirusTotal lookup.') hash_analyses = [] json_response = self._QueryHashes(hashes) or [] # VirusTotal returns a dictionary when a single hash is queried # and a list when multiple hashes are queried. if isinstance(json_response, dict): json_response = [json_response] for result in json_response: resource = result['resource'] hash_analysis = hash_tagging.HashAnalysis(resource, result) hash_analyses.append(hash_analysis) return hash_analyses def _GenerateLabels(self, hash_information): """Generates a list of strings that will be used in the event tag. Args: hash_information (dict[str, object]): the JSON decoded contents of the result of a VirusTotal lookup, as produced by the VirusTotalAnalyzer. Returns: list[str]: strings describing the results from VirusTotal. """ response_code = hash_information['response_code'] if response_code == self._VIRUSTOTAL_RESPONSE_CODE_NOT_PRESENT: return ['virustotal_not_present'] if response_code == self._VIRUSTOTAL_RESPONSE_CODE_PRESENT: positives = hash_information['positives'] if positives > 0: return [f'virustotal_detections_{positives:d}'] return ['virustotal_no_detections'] if response_code == self._VIRUSTOTAL_RESPONSE_CODE_ANALYSIS_PENDING: return ['virustotal_analysis_pending'] logger.error(f'VirusTotal returned unknown response code {response_code!s}') return [f'virustotal_unknown_response_code_{response_code:d}'] def _QueryHashes(self, hashes): """Queries VirusTotal for a specific hashes. Args: hashes (list[str]): hashes to look up. Returns: dict[str, object]: JSON response or None on error. """ url_parameters = {'apikey': self._api_key, 'resource': ', '.join(hashes)} try: json_response = self._MakeRequestAndDecodeJSON( self._VIRUSTOTAL_API_REPORT_URL, 'GET', params=url_parameters) except errors.ConnectionError as exception: json_response = None logger.error(f'Unable to query VirusTotal with error: {exception!s}.') return json_response
[docs] def EnableFreeAPIKeyRateLimit(self): """Configures Rate limiting for queries to VirusTotal. The default rate limit for free VirusTotal API keys is 4 requests per minute. """ self._hashes_per_batch = 4 self._wait_after_analysis = 60.0
[docs] def SetAPIKey(self, api_key): """Sets the VirusTotal API key to use in queries. Args: api_key (str): VirusTotal API key """ self._api_key = api_key
[docs] def TestConnection(self): """Tests the connection to VirusTotal. Returns: bool: True if VirusTotal is reachable. """ json_response = self._QueryHashes([self._EICAR_SHA256]) return json_response is not None