Source code for plaso.analysis.tagging

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""A plugin to tag events according to rules in a tagging file."""

from __future__ import unicode_literals

import os

from plaso.analysis import interface
from plaso.analysis import logger
from plaso.analysis import manager
from plaso.containers import reports
from plaso.engine import tagging_file

[docs]class TaggingAnalysisPlugin(interface.AnalysisPlugin): """Analysis plugin that tags events according to rules in a tagging file.""" NAME = 'tagging' ENABLE_IN_EXTRACTION = True _OS_TAG_FILES = { 'linux': 'tag_linux.txt', 'macos': 'tag_macos.txt', 'windows': 'tag_windows.txt'} def __init__(self): """Initializes a tagging analysis plugin.""" super(TaggingAnalysisPlugin, self).__init__() self._autodetect_tag_file_attempt = False self._number_of_event_tags = 0 self._tagging_rules = None def _AttemptAutoDetectTagFile(self, analysis_mediator): """Detects which tag file is most appropriate. Args: analysis_mediator (AnalysisMediator): analysis mediator. Returns: bool: True if a tag file is autodetected. """ self._autodetect_tag_file_attempt = True if not analysis_mediator.data_location: return False operating_system = analysis_mediator.operating_system.lower() filename = self._OS_TAG_FILES.get(operating_system, None) if not filename: return False'Using auto detected tag file: {0:s}'.format(filename)) tag_file_path = os.path.join(analysis_mediator.data_location, filename) self.SetAndLoadTagFile(tag_file_path) return True
[docs] def CompileReport(self, mediator): """Compiles an analysis report. Args: mediator (AnalysisMediator): mediates interactions between analysis plugins and other components, such as storage and dfvfs. Returns: AnalysisReport: analysis report. """ report_text = 'Tagging plugin produced {0:d} tags.\n'.format( self._number_of_event_tags) self._number_of_event_tags = 0 return reports.AnalysisReport(plugin_name=self.NAME, text=report_text)
[docs] def ExamineEvent(self, mediator, event, event_data, event_data_stream): """Analyzes an EventObject and tags it according to rules in the tag file. Args: mediator (AnalysisMediator): mediates interactions between analysis plugins and other components, such as storage and dfvfs. event (EventObject): event to examine. event_data (EventData): event data. event_data_stream (EventDataStream): event data stream. """ if self._tagging_rules is None: if self._autodetect_tag_file_attempt: # There's nothing to tag with, and we've already tried to find a good # tag file, so there's nothing we can do with this event (or any other). return if not self._AttemptAutoDetectTagFile(mediator): 'No tag definition file specified, and plaso was not able to ' 'autoselect a tagging file. As no definitions were specified, ' 'no events will be tagged.') return matched_label_names = [] for label_name, filter_objects in self._tagging_rules.items(): for filter_object in filter_objects: # Note that tagging events based on existing labels is currently # not supported. if filter_object.Match(event, event_data, event_data_stream, None): matched_label_names.append(label_name) break if matched_label_names: event_tag = self._CreateEventTag(event, matched_label_names) mediator.ProduceEventTag(event_tag) self._number_of_event_tags += 1
[docs] def SetAndLoadTagFile(self, tagging_file_path): """Sets the tag file to be used by the plugin. Args: tagging_file_path (str): path of the tagging file. """ tag_file = tagging_file.TaggingFile(tagging_file_path) self._tagging_rules = tag_file.GetEventTaggingRules()