Source code for plaso.analysis.mediator

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""The analysis plugin mediator object."""

import collections
import time

from plaso.containers import warnings
from plaso.engine import path_helper

[docs] class AnalysisMediator(object): """Analysis plugin mediator. Attributes: analysis_reports_counter (collections.Counter): number of analysis reports per analysis plugin. event_labels_counter (collections.Counter): number of event tags per label. last_activity_timestamp (int): timestamp received that indicates the last time activity was observed. The last activity timestamp is updated when the mediator produces an attribute container, such as an event tag. This timestamp is used by the multi processing worker process to indicate the last time the worker was known to be active. This information is then used by the foreman to detect workers that are not responding (stalled). number_of_produced_analysis_reports (int): number of produced analysis reports. number_of_produced_event_tags (int): number of produced event tags. """
[docs] def __init__(self, data_location=None, user_accounts=None): """Initializes an analysis plugin mediator. Args: data_location (Optional[str]): location of data files used during analysis. user_accounts (Optional[list[UserAccountArtifact]]): user accounts. """ super(AnalysisMediator, self).__init__() self._abort = False self._data_location = data_location self._event_filter_expression = None self._number_of_warnings = 0 self._storage_writer = None self._user_accounts = user_accounts self._username_by_user_directory = {} self.analysis_reports_counter = collections.Counter() self.event_labels_counter = collections.Counter() self.last_activity_timestamp = 0.0 self.number_of_produced_analysis_reports = 0 self.number_of_produced_event_tags = 0
@property def abort(self): """bool: True if the analysis should be aborted.""" return self._abort @property def data_location(self): """str: path to the data files.""" return self._data_location
[docs] def GetDisplayNameForPathSpec(self, path_spec): """Retrieves the display name for a path specification. Args: path_spec (dfvfs.PathSpec): path specification. Returns: str: human readable version of the path specification. """ return path_helper.PathHelper.GetDisplayNameForPathSpec(path_spec)
[docs] def GetUsernameForPath(self, path): """Retrieves a username for a specific path. This is determining if a specific path is within a user's directory and returning the username of the user if so. Args: path (str): path. Returns: str: username or None if the path does not appear to be within a user's directory. """ path = path.lower() username = self._username_by_user_directory.get(path, None) if not username and self._user_accounts: for user_account in self._user_accounts: if user_account.user_directory: user_directory = user_account.user_directory.lower() if path.startswith(user_directory): username = user_account.username self._username_by_user_directory[path] = username break return username
[docs] def ProduceAnalysisResult(self, analysis_result): """Produces an analysis result attribute. Args: analysis_result (AttributeContainer): analysis result. """ if self._storage_writer: self._storage_writer.AddAttributeContainer(analysis_result)
[docs] def ProduceAnalysisReport(self, plugin): """Produces an analysis report. Args: plugin (AnalysisPlugin): plugin. """ analysis_report = plugin.CompileReport(self) if not analysis_report: # TODO: produce AnalysisWarning that no report can be generated. return analysis_report.event_filter = self._event_filter_expression if self._storage_writer: self._storage_writer.AddAttributeContainer(analysis_report) self.analysis_reports_counter[analysis_report.plugin_name] += 1 self.analysis_reports_counter['total'] += 1 self.number_of_produced_analysis_reports += 1 self.last_activity_timestamp = time.time()
[docs] def ProduceAnalysisWarning(self, message, plugin_name): """Produces an analysis warning. Args: message (str): message of the warning. plugin_name (str): name of the analysis plugin to which the warning applies. """ if self._storage_writer: warning = warnings.AnalysisWarning( message=message, plugin_name=plugin_name) self._storage_writer.AddAttributeContainer(warning) self._number_of_warnings += 1 self.last_activity_timestamp = time.time()
[docs] def ProduceEventTag(self, event_tag): """Produces an event tag. Args: event_tag (EventTag): event tag. """ if self._storage_writer: self._storage_writer.AddOrUpdateEventTag(event_tag) for label in event_tag.labels: self.event_labels_counter[label] += 1 self.event_labels_counter['total'] += 1 self.number_of_produced_event_tags += 1 self.last_activity_timestamp = time.time()
[docs] def SetStorageWriter(self, storage_writer): """Sets the storage writer. Args: storage_writer (StorageWriter): storage writer. """ self._storage_writer = storage_writer
[docs] def SignalAbort(self): """Signals the analysis plugins to abort.""" self._abort = True